IOT Analytics Platform

LogFuze's HoraData is an IoT analytics platform that helps to reduce downtime based on predictive analytics. It helps you to troubleshoot faster, support and manage your engineering teams to build better products and services.

Why choose Horadata?

  1.   Remote Monitoring.
  2.   Alert Generation.
  3.   Automatic ticket creation and tracking.
  4.   Analysis and Reporting.
  5.   Predictive Analytics.

Know our amazing features


Data Collection

Each device has its own format of data logs. When comes to an enterprise we would have a variety of data from variety of machines that needs to be combined/consolidated to get meaningful business insights.


Storage and Analysis

Data acquired through various sources are stored in distributed scalable big data infrastructure. The HoraData API provides you real-time visualization of incoming data. Reports are generated periodically which can also be customized as well.



HoraData provides detailed data analytics. Using HoraData analytics, achieve very minimal downtime or Zero downtime. Using HoraData instead of preventive maintenance customers can shift into predictive & even pre-emptive maintenance schedules.


Business Intelligence

Enrich your data insights with HoraData and Integrate systems like BI, CRM, ERP and Helpdesk with HoraData operational intelligence to enhance business operation.Remote monitoring, Automated diagnosis & troubleshooting are the key value adds that come with HoraData analytics.


Remote TPM Monitoring Solution

The customers have been traditionally tracking the efficiency of the equipment by measuring OEE which is a combination of machine availability, performance and quality.

Often, manufacturing units are composed of heterogeneous machines that perform specialised tasks.

Smart Generator Monitoring

The main objective of HoraData’s generator monitoring system is not only to monitor the performance but also to execute the early diagnosis of developing problems such that they don’t advance to shut-down failures.

Power Outage Monitoring

Knowing how much energy machines consume over long or short periods can empower us to make smart decisions that helps to improve system performance, utilization and save costs.

Medical Devices

Technological innovations have substantially improved the productivity of laboratories and healthcare industry to enhance efficiency by integrating and forming alliances in order to obtain maximum output and to manage and control of the instruments efficiently.

Refrigerator Monitoring

Do you need a hassle-free way to monitor product temperature in refrigerators, freezers and coolers? Forget about having to check the temperature yourself--our automated temperature monitoring systems protect your valuable product 24/7.

Non Destructive Testing

Non destructive testing is exactly as the name implies – testing that is performed without destroying or impacting the integrity of the item tested.