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From automobiles to industry machines, IoT has changed the way businesses operate.By integrating your data with HoraData, you can extract valuable insights to grow in every aspect of the operations and to create new business models.

Machine Learning

With our profound machine learning techniques we can help you to read any type of data pattern such as structured, unstructured, poly-structured etc. Leverage us your IoT data to zero in the anomalies lurking in your device. Also we help to visualize IoT data in meaningful format.


Analytics is a product of IoT and Machine learning intertwined with each other. Gain insights on your machine's past and future performance with customized analytics which helps in decision making and to optimize business process.


It's true IoT provides us with lots of data. AI provides the framework and tools to go beyond trivial real time decision and automation use cases for IoT. It all culminates to a point where the device is able to take rational decisions and perform tasks.

LogFuze launches IoT Visualization software Horavue

Now make your own IoT prototype without the worry of developing a software.

Horavue is a cloud based IoT visualization software from LogFuze that allows you to store, view and analyze your IoT data, thus paving way for creating innovative solutions and provide analytics.

Why Choose Horavue?

Add unlimited devices

Up to 30 Keys

Supports multiple protocols

Manage multiple IoT streams from a single account

Reliable and a secure platform


— where we serve our expertise

Empowering industrial operations

With IIoT and advanced analytics, LogFuze serves the manufacturers and the OEMs, largely of industry 4.0 to improve their execution, production and optimize performance.

We collect the data, analyze and help them to real time decisions and to increase their return of investment.

Patient care with innovative methods

Health is the most important aspect of anyone's life. Such a thing mustn't be take lightly. We at LogFuze provide you with solutions to take advantage of the data collected from the machines, to get to know the nuances and insights of patient's health for better results. We also offer the best compliance service in addition to lab instrument and operation room monitoring.

An edge over everyone

Waste of energy, operation inefficiency and equipment failure cost businesses billions every year.

With HoraData, monitor your energy spends on machines, and gain the visibility necessary to find and eliminate energy waste, optimize your operations and to predict and prevent failure.

Achieving operational excellence in logistics

This includes the usage of refrigerators, freezers and chillers. Parameters such as temperature, RFID tracking, condition of the eatables are monitored and the data are fed to the cloud.

They are analyzed and predictions are provided in order to avoid wastage. Thus making food safety a priority and making an efficient use of the food.

Making lives easier

The hotels plays an important role in the commercial market and their transition to smart hotels is just right around the corner. We extract data's from the pre-defined parameters and we provide predictions and analysis.

The key features include detection of unauthorized entries, finding the number of occupancies in a room/hall, smoke and heat detectors, refrigerator and freezer monitoring. etc.

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