Case Studies

To automate OEE calculation with high accuracy and optimized
the manufacturing process


A leading automotive manufacturer in South India and also a major supplier to major global companies.

To track overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) automatically in real time.

To have OEE metrics available across the manufacturing plant by the end of the shift.

Improve equipment utilization, thus improving the throughput and efficiency of the the plant itself.


The customers have been traditionally tracking the efficiency of the equipment by measuring OEE which is a combination of machine availability, performance and quality. Often, manufacturing units are composed of heterogeneous machines that perform specialised tasks. These machines are not usually connected’ i.e. while critical parameters that govern the operation of a machine products about its own performance is not collected and analysed. Often, the customer has been resorted to manual methods to calculate OEE which resulted in the following issues:

The process is manual, time consuming and proved costly.

The process was carried out infrequently thus ‘real’ data was not available.

Data was inaccurate, outdated and was subjected to human errors.

Inability to react to efficient trends in real time due to lack of real time data.

Inability to manage and monitor the operations remotely.

Lack of historical trends which made the future throughput trends unpredictable.


Out there in the industries, in harsh conditions it was imperative that we needed a durable gateway and sensors to withstand any kind of hostility and also to work with high efficiency. So LogFuze installed a gateway and sensors that could get all the data from the machines and export. This solution is quite uniques as it incorporates both IoT and TPM.

The data from the CNC machines were securely transmitted by the gateway to our cloud which aggregated the information and ran analytics on them.

LogFuze built custom visualisation dashboards to various stakeholders in the organisation giving them the leverage to use the application anywhere, anytime.

Using this data, the plant supervisors were able to make in process check points on throughput and equipment efficiency and take corrective actions.

The overall visibility of the OEE at the plant level helped the supervisors to plan and optimize their production schedules.

Key losses were reduced due to the application of corrective actions from OEE.

The management were able to utilize long term trending data to plan improvements and maintenance schedules and forecast for the future.


LogFuze was able to deploy the solution within 1 week at the client site and the customers were able to start viewing and use the data instantaneously from any device and improvements by a month time.

15% Improvement in machine utilization:

By observing the operational efficiency of their machines, the customer were able to plan their production and maintenance optimally.

Visibility into the reasons for machine downtime:

Horadata tracked the machine downtime and providing idle time reasoning, the customer were able to focus on the main reasons for reduced production and take corrective actions.

Accurate OEE calculation:

With the real OEE being calculated automatically with high accuracy, the decision making process have been made much simpler along with a substantial increase in ROI.