Case Studies


What is Cold chain?

Generally, Cold chain logistics management is an unbroken and uninterrupted series of storage and transportation activities that maintain a given temperature range for a particular product. Unlike other goods, cold chain goods are perishable and are always en route to use even when held temporarily in cold storage which basically involves pharmaceutics, chemicals, meat, fruits, vegetables, photographic films. etc.

What is the Risk in Cold Chain?

Managing the cold chain requires transporting the goods from the manufacturers to distributors and retailers, provided the goods to remain within the optimum temperature and other special conditions that are required. The problem arises when there is a wastage in the process mentioned above such as loss due to mishandling and inefficient refrigerated supply chain, another major loss in transportation time occurs due to the intervention of various external factors such as traffic, weather, road conditions. etc. These are the main reasons that asks for the constant monitoring and controlling of the cold chain.

Horadata Analysis in Cold chain

Now, going into an in-depth analysis on healthcare in the cold chain industry, this subject is basically a critical one as it involves the shipment of vaccines, medical supplies, transplant organs .etc. From biologically manufactured items to pharmaceutics the items which healthcare industry ships are very important, sensitive and difficult to replace. Initially, there was a big change in the trend when the Internet of Things(IoT) became a part of the supply chain industry after which the tracking and monitoring of the shipped pharmaceutics has just been made reliable. The big data that’s generated from the sensors available in the transport medium(mostly in the containers and pallets) are collected by the IoT gateway and pushed to the cloud, which later help in monitoring the process and making the decisions efficient.The refrigerated truck drivers use it to analyze and re-route the shipment in order to prevent wastage. It also provides a clear knowledge about temperature, pressure, light exposure, humidity, shock, vibration and gas content existing in the transport medium. However, these are all the normal features that are existing in practice now. With Horadata’s business intelligence(BI) platform, we here at Logfuze, provide you predictive analytics along with the features mentioned above.

How horadata will solve the problem?

Imagine a shipment of pharmaceutics to be moved from A to B under an optimum temperature 15°C -20°C. If a slip in the optimum temperature (either hike/dip) an alert will be sent to the refrigerated truck drivers for them to sort out the issue. This is the mainstream method that’s been practiced. On the other hand, an alert sent to the respective personnels notifying them about the slip in the optimum temperature even before the slip happens, hence allowing them to perform the repair work before the problem arises; that’s the predictive analytics we offer. Likewise, based on the historical data that’s already been collected from previous trips by Horadata a notification will be sent based on pressure, light exposure, humidity, shock, vibration, gas content etc. will be provided. Deploying this type of remote monitoring system, we target for zero wastage of pharma-products, thus making the entire operation effective as well as hassle free.

Horadata Outcome for Coldchain

Our goal is to transform the cold chain industry into a simple, waste-free and an economic one. This solution is highly effective for organizations that are into transporting temperature sensitive cargo that requires special care.