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Our Vision

In 2013 three employees from Zoho quit their high profile jobs to try their hand in creating a "Next-Gen" product that would revolutionize the world tomorrow.. Soon they were able to come up with a idea that's pertinent with the IoTmania prevailing in the industry today. They started building that idea and as time went by LogFuze grew larger in number and today it is considered as one of the fastest growing IoT analytics company.

We strive hard to bring internet to life by connecting people with their machines. We provide end to end solutions for IoT analytics with two unique cutting edge products (HoraData & HoraVue) that enables the machines to communicate with internet and hence providing the customer with valuable insights to operate effectively and to manage their assets.

Its been three years down the road and we pride ourselves for having an employee-friendly culture and transparency. As we are stepping into our fourth successful year we look for nothing but lots of positivity and smiles around us here at LogFuze.

Our Approach

With this massive network of possibilities comes a lot of opportunities worth exploring. Data Visualization provides us with a way to display this avalanche of collected data in meaningful ways that clearly present insights hidden within this mass amount of information. This can assist us in making fast, informed decisions with more certainty and accuracy than ever before.

It is thus vital for business professionals, developers, designers, and research students to be aware of the role that Visualization will can and will play in the near future. It is crucial to know how it can affect the experience and effectiveness of IoT products and services.

Analytics refers to the analysis of different types of data collected from the devices, machinery, appliances, electronics connected to the internet. It is a robust feature that's a result of the data collected and analyzing the history relating to the use case. At LogFuze, we have been focusing on making it easy for companies to generate business value by leveraging their IoT data.